Two comforting lessons for the worrier

Raise your hand if you tend to worry a lot… *fastly raises hand* Yeah, that’s me! I know what it’s like to have swimming thoughts, feelings of anxiety& constant worries filling my head.

As much as I hate it, I jump to anxious “what if” scenarios fueled from fear instead of looking for a positive outcome.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you can relate somehow. The truth is that a life filled with worry& fear is such a burden to bear, and the weight can be crushing& painful!

But the good news? God never intended it to be this way! Nor does he want us to live a life of pain& worry!

The Lord does not want us worry. In fact, He commands us to be brave! And if God tells us to do something, He always makes a way for it to happen. If you feel suffocated by the weight of anxiety or worrisome thoughts, I have two comforting lessons to share with you today.💗

God showed me these powerful revelations as I was reading Matthew 16:5-12 today. Today we’re going to dive deeper into these verses& study two lessons for the worrier!(including me lol)

Lesson One

Matthew 16:5-10

I think this story of Jesus speaking with the disciples is such as intriguing one. At first it can seem confusing, but if you look closely you’ll see an important message to be shared from this.

The first lesson the Lord showed me in verses five through ten is this: Don’t forget what Jesus has done in the past.

When we worry, we are generally only looking to the future. Our thoughts are focused on what’s going to happen (or might happen) tomorrow, later in the day, the next hour, anything but what has happened in the past.

The truth is that Jesus always comes through. He never leaves us, forsakes us, or abandons us. He never has& He never will! We see Jesus reminds the disciples of this in this passage.

The disciples are worried about what they will eat next, so Jesus gently reminds them of how He provided a overabundance of food from the bare minimum multiple times. He had the power to feed thousands of people from one serving of food, and yet the disciples are still wondering where their next meal will come from.

When we ourselves worry about our lives, we are doing the same thing the disciples did. We’re forgetting how Jesus has always came through for us in the past& doubting that He can do it again.

If you’re worrying about the future, choose to look at your past& remember what Jesus has done for you before! It should strengthen your faith& bring comfort like no other!

Lesson Two

Matthew 16:11-12

Another huge lesson that God showed me about worry is that it can cause us to miss powerful messages from the Lord. We can see in this story that Jesus is trying to teach the disciples through a metaphor. The mention of yeast& bread was not meant to be a reference to their next meal, yet all the disciples could focus on was what would be for dinner.

Jesus reminds them at the end of this passage that He was never talking about true yeast used in bread, but about the false teaches of the Pharisees the true message He was trying to teach.

When we worry, it causes our focus to turn away from God.

We’re caught up in our anxious thoughts& “what if” scenarios& not focused on the faithfulness and goodness of our Lord.

Because our minds and hearts are elsewhere, we can truly be missing out on powerful messages, growth& comfort from God.

Just like the disciples missed out on the point of Jesus story because they were too concerned with their worries, we can also miss something important God is trying to show us.

When we can turn our thoughts away from the worries of the future& look at what God is doing in the present, we can experience tremendous growth and breakthroughs in our relationship with the Lord!

To recap, two comforting lessons to remember if you’re a worrier:

  1. Remember what Jesus has done in the past. He always comes through!
  2. Don’t let your worries distract you from the important message God is trying to show you.

If you worry a lot, there is freedom in Jesus Christ from the anxious thoughts!

Always pray& always seek His peace& He promises that you will find it!❤❤

Love, Rose🧘‍♀️💓

Always looking to Jesus🙌💕