The pain of rejection

Galatians 1:10

If there is one thing that can make someone feel like they don’t have a friend in the world, it’s rejection. Whether it be rejection from a friend, family gossip, a friend’s betrayal, an unappreciative boss or an unfriendly, insensitive person. Rejection hurts.

I’ve had my fair share of memories& situations of being& feeling rejected by people and their high expectations. I used to let rejection eat me up. And it used to hurt my feelings a lot.In the midst of this rejection, I became so focused on my hurt feelings that it became nearly impossible to think clearly, or rationally.

Most of us when we are drowning in the pain of being rejected by someone, our thoughts are often, “How could that person have done/said that to me? Do they know how much I have done for them? Have they taken a hard look at themselves?”

Do those words sound familiar? They certainly do to me. These are some of the exact thoughts I had when I was thinking vengeful thoughts about my “rejecter.”

My human nature wanted to get back at the one who hurt me. Maybe give them a taste of their own medicine. But God had a different plan in mind.

God desired for me to handle these challenging and painful situation with understanding and compassion.❤

He wanted me to pray for that person, and see them as His child who had made a mistake and didn’t realize how their words and actions affected others. He wanted me to forgive them.

Yes, that was His plan, but I didn’t really buy into it at first.

Instead, I chose to hold in anger and pierce the ears of my family and friends with all of my problems forcing them to be an involuntary guest at my ongoing pity party. I chose to feel sorry for myself& shed as many tears as possible as if that would drown out the hurt.

However, despite my procrastination in handling things God’s way over the next few weeks, God repeatedly intervened and reassured me of His love. I stumbled across sweet Bible verses dealing with overcoming rejection. 🙏💓

I love Galatians 1:10 because it fully supports my point not to try to please “man”, PLEASE GOD💕

Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or God? Or am I still trying to please men?If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

Im starting to finally understand and realize that in His eyes, I did not need people’s approval, only His approval.

God’s love had helped me to wash away the pride from my eyes, and allow Him to wash my soul with His mercy and grace.🙌💗

Isn’t it so comforting to know that you never have to try to earn Jesus’s approval& that you can live with a peace of mind knowing that He accepts you no matter what.
Although Jesus may not always approve of our actions or choices, He always approves of us as a person who He created, who He loves& who He thought was important enough to die for.

I’ll end my blog with a prayer that I truly feel from my heart❤

You guys have a amazing weekend& thank you to everyone who reads my blog all the time& encourages me everyday to keep blogging!💓 I’ve gotten so many sweet emails and text from you guys so thank you so much for joining me on my christian-mommy blogging journey!💖💖

I feel like it’s my tool& privilege to spread the word of Jesus to people,friends and family❤

From the Eastman’s yall have a blessed, safe weekend!👪💙

Heavenly father,

I pray for Your wisdom on how to deal with situations in which I feel hurt, rejected and worthless. Fill me with Your love so that I can love others, even when I do not feel loved in return. Please help me to remember that the only One who I need to seek approval from is You, and that it is in You alone, that I can truly believe that I am worthy and unconditionally loved.

In Jesus’ Name,


Love, Rose🧘‍♀️💕

Always looking to Jesus 🙌💓


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